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Centrifugal pump main accessories technical requirements

In order to ensure the quality of the centrifugal pump, it is necessary to make the technical requirement about the accessories. Here are the main requirements:

1。 Centrifugal pump is made of many accessories。 As to the sectional type multistage pump, it is made of forepart, mesomere, back end and blade。 As to the single stage pump, it is made of pump body, pump cover。 These parts position are designed by the seam allowance concentricity and perpendicularity。 So only to make strict demand to the seam allowance concentricity and perpendicularity, can we ensure the normal operation of the rotor。 On the other hand, there are full of high pressure liquid in the pump, so the pump needs the strict leak pro0fness。

2. The sealing clearance between the pump and rotor is also important. From the perspective of improving the volume efficiency, the little sealing clearance is important. While if the clearance is too little, it will affect the operation; if the clearance is too large, it will affect the performance of the pump.

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